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AADB 138th Annual Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Earlier in the year, with the reduction in COVID-19 cases, the AADB Board of Directors was excited to invite you to San Antonio for an in-person meeting.  However, in the last few weeks, the circumstances have changed.  COVID has resurged with high numbers of infections.  Unfortunately, some of the breakthrough infections have affected our membership with a lasting impact.  Additionally, many of our speakers are now unable to travel.  Accordingly, our Board of Directors has decided to make our Annual Meeting virtual.  This was a very difficult decision made after much deliberation and angst but in the best interest of our Association and the safety of our members.

If you booked a hotel room at the Hyatt and associated your reservation with the AADB meeting, your reservation will be canceled Tuesday, September 14 and you will receive a confirmation with the email you gave the Hyatt.  If you did not link your reservation, you will want to cancel with the Hyatt directly at 210-222-1234.  Of course, if you still intend to travel and want to stay at the Hyatt, please call the Hyatt and their customer service staff will be happy to help.

Robert Zena, D.M.D


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