Self-Query Form

The AADB's Self-Query service searches to see if your information provided in the self-query form matches the information in reports previously submitted to the State Dental Boards. The self-query form shows the results of that search. Your response may show that no matching information was found in the report or it may show information about medical malpractice payments, adverse licensure, privileged actions, or judgments and convictions, in which case the full report(s) will be provided. 


The Clearinghouse is a central database where disciplinary actions are taken by the boards of dental examiners against dental practitioners. The Clearinghouse is intended to restrict the ability of incompetent practitioners to move from state to state.

Assessment Services Program (ASP)

A comprehensive program of review services designed to assist dental boards throughout the discipline process. Includes Expert Review Assessment (ERA), Dentist-Professional Review and Evaluation Program (D-PREP), and Remediation. 


This program is designed to help support state dental boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who show signs of benefiting from additional training. Electronic courses include topics such as Recordkeeping and Sterilization with more to come. 

Monthly Board Reports

The AADB generates a report that lists all of the board orders that were submitted to the Clearinghouse each month. This published monthly report of disciplinary actions is available to all dues-paying agency and agency associate members at no charge. For questions, email Stephanie Rojas at [email protected]

News & Updates

The latest announcements from AADB & the AADB Board of Directors. 

State Board List

Looking to contact a State Dental Board? Check out this page to find links to each Board's webpage. 

American Association of Dental Administrators

Membership is available to all administrators of any agency created for testing, licensure, and/or discipline of dentists in accordance with laws, statutes or rules, and regulations of the District of Columbia, or any state of the United States of America, or any territory of insular possession of the United States of America.

Practice Act

Looking for a state's practice act? Check out this page to find state statutes, regulations, and administrative rules governing the practice of each member of the dental team, brought to you through a collaborative endeavor between the American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) and Dental Assisting National Board, Inc (DANB).